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Seminar on »Slowness«

Here is a teaser for a seminar next semester: Read a more detailed (german) description here. Also: Overview about my teaching activities with links to other seminar weblogs.
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New seminars – summer semester ’08

The new seminars for summer term 2008 are fixed. It is always a very exciting moment to think about new topics for projects… or rather: to pick the best from the ideas floating around. And I always love to define topics with a leightweight appearance but at the same time much depth. Here are the […]
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Design for discovery

One of the most interesting topics for information architecture is search. There are ways to find, explore, browse and discover things in digital domains. The value of information increases with the possibility of being found. So design for findability becomes the most important strategy to increase the value of information. One of the distinct experts […]
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Desire (Design and Democracy)

I think the current Privacy/We-blog seminar (see blog) is turning out very well. The students are working on a project that is very “web2.0-ish” and a profound reflection on the business models that drive this market (or new bubble if you will). One of the questions that constantly return to me is what is the […]
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