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Information Design and the Monetary System

I am personally interested in how the lack of information or proper presentation of that information led to the current financial crisis. Obviously the information was available — but not well understood, not correctly aggregated or falsely interpreted by politicians that were responsible for phony policies and flawed legislations. Related posts: Documentary »Hello World! Processing« Watching the […]
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Let’s play Bailout

It seems US government is denying its responsibility for the financial crash — and even trying to get away with new mistakes by pushing congress to agree on a plan that is hardly removing the source of the problem. Related posts: Watching the Republican Presidential Candidate Race
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Bailing out in the wrong direction

US Government is suggesting a $700 billion financial package to prevent a chain reaction at Wall Street. The US national debt to over $10 trillion dollars with just a single decision. Interestingly there are many experts that tell their own story about what this all means on the long run. Someone may wonder where this […]
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