3rd webmonday/webmontag in Cologne went well

Yesterday the 3rd Webmonday in Cologne took place. Again we arranged the Hallmackenreuther for this get together, but this time they decided to put us in the cellar (which is a nice location for maybe 50 people, but not 70 or 80; see the images).

People start to get familiar with each other. I think I like that development very much. What I don’t like is when the presentations take more than one hour alltogether or a single presentation lasts any longer than 10 minutes (including Q&A!).

I took some time to ramp up the feedback section on the Webmontag Wiki. Feedbacks are now grouped by city (and not spread over all event pages). There is a feedback page for the Cologne events and a new page collecting general feedback about the Webmondays.






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