An MFA is the new MBA?

Beth Mazur on her IDblog:

The May issue of Design Research News has a very interesting promo about the Harvard Business School (HBS) declaring the ‘Master of Fine Arts’ (MFA) as the new ‘Master of Business Administration’ (MBA)… essential for a business career. But they point to the online publication [PDF, 19 MByte] of the Rotman school of management at the University of Toronto.

The PDF is 76 pages, and in a couple of scans I couldn’t find a mention of the HBS blurb, which you can actually read here (see item #9):
Businesses have come to realize that the only way to differentiate their offerings is to make them beautiful and emotionallly compelling — which explains why an arts degree is now a hot credential in management.
In any case, there are some very interesting articles in the Rotman magazine. Looks like it’s well worth the download.

MFA the new MBA because communication design skills got more important? There is more to that: It is not only the results designers create that can be more effective. In many ways it’s the methodology to generate innovations and think of alternatives as well. It has been observable for a long time now that university programs import design know how to limit negative effects of the growing importance of communication for their graduates.






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