And the winner is … Tinderbox!

I decided to do my new weblog with Tinderbox. But I miss a scriptability of Tinderbox, but for now it is the best tool I found to manage notes.

It still has a lot of bugs — especially when it comes to HTML export — and it is not very intuitive to design a weblog with it, but I hope I will sort that out after a while. I am going to take some notes about problems that I find here.

When browsing I even found someone using Tinderbox as a project management tool. Another one does papers with Tinderbox. A third person uses Tinderbox as rememberance agent.

In other words: Publishing to the web is just one way to use Tinderbox.

Update (Jan 2009): After almost 5 years of blogging with Tinderbox I switched to WordPress.






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