Apple and Intel

This is another major bombshell after the aquisition of Macromedia through Adobe: rumors say Apple is going to announce Intel chips in Apple computers tomorrow.

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So it’s true. I wasn’t surprised about the fact that Apple had been secretely maintaining a port of OS X to Intel. In fact: NeXTSTEP ran on Intel back in 1994. And NeXTSTEP was the origin for Rhapsody (the origin of OS X). I cleary remember to have seen a screenshot from an unused splash screen of a Rhapsody Developer CD saying »Rhapsody for Intel«.

Unexpected for me though was the move by Apple to add podcast subscription support to iTunes. This will change the game a little bit. Podcasts will be introduced to mainstream. I still think it will not have much impact in the blogsphere, but it will pave the way for daily audio content for sure.






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