Hobnox was a mixture of myspace.com, YouTube and MTV. Over the next two years, the team of around 90 developers, editors and designers created an entertainment community with great appeal for budding artists in the fields of music and film.

In 2007, a new international web-entertainment start-up was launched in Germany: Hobnox

Hobnox’s goal was to solve the riddle of a shared economy where artists would be rewarded for their creations and would be able to build upon each others work with structured shared revenues if creators use and remix each others ideas. There was a community space, a asset library and tools – dubbed “Noxtools” – to create digital content.

My Role in this project

In 2008 the Hobnox team won the Grimme Online Award in a specially created category for the bold implementation of this innovative concept.

Community Site

The community was able to provide contributions that could also be featured on Hobnox’s WebTV channels. Hobnox itself reported on events, festivals and concerts with exclusive live streams and interviews.

Web TV

To attract the audience to the platform Hobnox came with a Web TV program created by an editorial team both in the US and in Germany. There were channels for different audiences.

(“culture control”) was a channel about art, fashion and cultural events.

99 stories
was a channel for narrative, longform content, documentaries and film.

SlyFi was a channel for music, independet, rock and popn with live concerts and festival reports.

Str33t was about hip hop, street art, young fashion and early influencers.