Ars Electronica 2006: Simplicity

John Maeda is one of the curators this year. On the Ars Electronica Website there is an opening statement from him:

SIMPLICITY is a complex topic that has no single, simple answer.
We live in an increasingly complex technological world where nothing works like it is supposed to, and at the end of the day makes all of us hunger for simplicity to some degree. Yet ironically when given the choice of more or less, we are programmed at the genetic level to want more.“Would you like the big cookie or the smaller cookie?” or “Would you like the computer with ten processors or just one?” The choice is simple really, or is it?
For the Ars Electronica Symposium on SIMPLICITY we think together about what simplicity (and complexity) means in politics, life, art, and technology. Expect more than you can ever imagine, and less.

I ran a seminar about this topic two years ago. Maybe it is time to have a »Simplicity Reloaded« seminar in winter?






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