Napster was not only hot because of the easy sharing of MP3 files – but also because of finding interesting music in libraries of people with similar taste. Now that Napster is dead the P2P-netowkrs have taken over – but they don’t really offer something that comes close to Napster.

So what other ideas people come up with to break the dominace of the music industry about music marketing?

Audioscrobbler ( offers plug-ins for most audio players out there and it will automatically notify the service about the songs you recently played. The aggregated playcounts of songs of all audioscrobbler users are compiled to industry-independent charts. Together with the unmatched audio previews of iTunes Music Store it could become a new hobby for music lovers to hunt new music.

The audioscrobbler charts are better than anything we have seen to date, because not the amount of sales of a single tune is counted but rather the amount of plays!






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