Testing World Outliner

This is just a test with the WordPress editing tool of Dave Winers OPML Editor and Word Outliner software. I owe Dave Winer a lot. He invented Frontier (which apparantly is running at the core of the OPML Editor). It got me into Blogging in 1996. I experimented a lot with it at the time…… Continue reading Testing World Outliner

OK. Reset!

Well, as this blog obviously shows: I simply did not have the time to blog in the past (the Twitter account is more active). The past years have been of that sort. There is too much going on and I started to contemplate for a moment if I should revoke the old blogging habit from…… Continue reading OK. Reset!

Grimme Online Award Nomination for Hobnox

Hobnox was nominated for a Grimme Online Award yesterday (category “special”). The Grimme Online Awards have always been a sign post for cultural relevance of web projects for me. So this makes me very glad that Hobnox has achieved this nomination. Side note: As announced on the FMX/08 conference the Audiotool has been updated with…… Continue reading Grimme Online Award Nomination for Hobnox


I am going to speak about web entertainment (and Hobnox) on FMX/08 tomorrow. I will probably see some friends there as well. I haven’t been to a previous FMX-conference. Judging from their program they do focus a lot on technology and Visual FX. The panel I have the privilege to participate in is subjected “realtime”.…… Continue reading FMX/08

Things move on…

Things have been very busy for me lately. But instead of just apologizing I give you some links to see some stuff that is coming out of that: 99stories.com – sly-fi.com – str33t.org – mi145.com Most of that is “viewing only” at the moment. This will change radically… 😉

Tinderbox 3.6.3

One of the tools I love to use is Tinderbox. The homepage says: “Tinderbox is a personal content assistant that helps you organize, analyze, and share your notes.” I just downloaded the latest beta version (3.6.3 b17) and found that it has a list of improvements that push it forward again. If you never heard…… Continue reading Tinderbox 3.6.3

6 billion Others

This is a very nice project by Yann-Arthus Bertrand that shows video portraits of 6000 randomly picked people in 65 countires that are talking about personal things.

Blog lag….

There has been no post here for over a month now. I really feel bad about that as I can see from different stats, that there are more than 550 subscribers to this blog (slowly growing) – which is not too much compared to some other blogs… but a hell lot of people for me.…… Continue reading Blog lag….

Flickr facelift

I just noticed that Flickr.com recieved a slight facelift. They added dynamic HTML pulldowns and revamped the structure. The new Organizer is excellent.


Ok. I am way behind schedule. Posting to this weblog has become a rare activity lately. There are a couple of reaons for that. It is a matter of priorities. I am pretty confident, that I’ll get “back to normal” soon.

Featured blog

Yesterday this weblog (»details of a global brain«) was featured on »The Main Quad« – a private blog that is “promoting viewpoints and topics that are international, multicultural, multi and interdisciplinary, and all over the political spectrum” (with a focus on academic blogs). I am pleased that I appear to be the first non-native English…… Continue reading Featured blog

Mobile photo blogging

I recently switched to a new mobile phone with SymbianOS. Nothing spectacular. It was cheap as I was extending my contract. It is a Nokia 3230. The user interface really has serious issues (which I think is amazing for a multi-million dollar company like Nokia that does not sell phones only by their external look).…… Continue reading Mobile photo blogging

News (in desperate times?)

Mark Bernstein about the ignorance of US mainstream media to world events: The CNN front page headlines include, among the top 6 stories:”Jennifer Aniston photographed kissing Vince Vaughn”I don’t follow the news much. Is there some reason Jennifer Aniston shouldn’t be kissing Mr. Vaughn? This simply made my day 😉