Fast Company: Is Information Visualization the Next Frontier for Design?

This article asks wether or not Information Visualization is a field on its own in Information Design: If we’re going to live in a world driven by data, the thinking goes, we need a simple means of digesting it all. We are increasingly a visual society, and our understanding of the world is increasingly made […]

Design podcasts

As there are more and more programs offering podcasts I think there is more interesting content appearing in this subscription format that is interesting for design: DESIGNsuisseA german/swiss language series from swiss television mostly with portraits about designers and/or design agencies. These are spotlights about design processes and help to demystify design as a service […]

Luke Wroblewski on Design thinking

On the »SHIFT« conference Luke Wroblowski presented his ideas about »Design thinking« (see his post here). I think there is a lot of refreshed awareness in die business community about what »design thinking« might be and if it can help to improve business processes, services and products. Right now it seems there is a lot […]

Simplicity in Linz

Tobias, Tim and Konstantin visited the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz. The topic was »simplicity«. They have provided some insightful comments. With the exception of a presentation of John Maeda (video, website) there seemed to be little progress in the discussion about the notion of simplicity. Obviously the term »simplicity« is a term that can’t […]


Tobias Jordans finally finished his diploma thesis: ScoutPress. It’s a system based on weblog software (WordPress) that allows foundations and fragmented organisations to effectively communicate and organize the scattered and distributed information. Tobias used the German Scout Association (DPSG) as a live example (therefore the project name) but it is in no way limited to […]

The rediscovery of function in product design

The ACM IT magazine publishes an article written by Andreas Pfeiffer titled »Why features don’t matter anymore: The new laws of digital technology«. He lists ten fundamental rules for the age of user experience technology. The article begins with this: The iPod was never sold on the grounds of its technical merits: Apple hit a […]

Design Sites

I just want to raise the attention to these invaluable sites (some of which have been in my Blogroll for years): A list apart Boxes and Arrows Column Two Corporate Identity Portal (german) Digital-Web Functioning form Future Feeder IDblog IAwiki Information aesthetics Jeffrey Veen OK/Cancel Signal vs. Noise xBlog I recommend theses […]

3rd International Design Research Conference in Brazil

Next week there’ll be another conference on Design Research in Rio De Janeiro. Unfortunatly the conference website is extremely lousy. I can’t even remember a conference website with so superficial and useless information. Obviously the organizers don’t want to get too international. First of all I was suprised to read “3rd international conference” in the […]

Density, Simplicity and Continuity

I am currently working on defining three seminars that lay out a foundation for design education. These courses are not oriented towards the formal and technological aspects of media, but rather focus on the psychological and cognitive questions involved with almost any design work. This is what I came up with: Density: Designing for effectiveness […] uses visual animations to explain economical and ecological processes. The animations are planned for a common visual code to represent all issues involved with economy and ecology. They have just three types of transaction: yellow represent energy, red represents money and black represents information. It comes pretty close to what I intended with the […]