Documentary »Hello World! Processing«

Hello World! Processing from Ultra_Lab on Vimeo. Hello World! Processing is a documentary on creative coding that explores the role that ideas such as process, experimentation and algorithm play in this creative field featuring artists, designers and code enthusiasts. Based on a series of interviews to some of the leading figures of the Processing open […]


(Via Dynamic Information Design Seminar Blog) Minority Report science adviser and inventor John Underkoffler demos g-speak — the real-life version of the film’s eye-popping, tai chi-meets-cyberspace computer interface. Is this how tomorrow’s computers will be controlled? G-Speak is a really interesting concept. Right now I do not feel it is where it should be to […]

Björn Hartmann: Enlightened Trial and Error

Björn Hartmann (Stanford HCI Group) talks about the different prototyping tools he and his collaborators have built to address two research questions: 1) How can tools enable designers to create prototypes of ubiquitous computing interfaces? 2) How can design tools support the larger process of learning from these prototypes? (Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes; this […]

GPS + Compass + Motion sensors = Augmented Reality

The new iPhone 3GS adds a compass to the set of sensors. Combined with the GPS, the motion detection sensor and some image change detection via the internal video camera, this enables a new breed of “augmented reality” applications. NearestWiki for example displays WikiPedia entries about buildings and places in the vicinity. NearestWiki is not […]

Director 11 – there’s life in the old dog yet

This is a surprise: Adobe announced Director 11 – the follow-up release to Director MX 2004. After years of speculation Adobe seems to be committed to develop Director further. There is a rough comparison chart on the Adobe site which compares Director to Flash. I am not quite convinced the advantages of Director over Flash […]

Alahup CMS

The CMS Alahup! seems to endorse a lot of the interaction design techniques of Web 2.0 applications (blind ups & downs, yellow flashes, spinning activity icons, etc) even though it appears to be a desktop application. The website states that the interface is based on Flash. So this application may well be an example what […]


This is very interesting: a multi-user note-taking web-application. Click on this screenshot to get to the 5 minute screencast: I’d describe Pavel as some kind of “JotSpot Live with tinderbox-ish Notes” (see JotSpot Live and Tinderbox). The secret of the synchron updates of web pages between users is some code called LivePage. It is part […]

Audioscrobbler turned – redesigned

I wrote about Audioscroblbler before. Now I found they’ve merged it with their service and also reworked their design – and it seems they improved usability a lot. Interestingly they offer blogs and tagging (they seem to have learned the lessons). The personal radio now can be used with a separate client (which is […]