Google Maps

Google Maps really seems to take off after offering their Google Maps API for web developers. People are quickly developing very interessting variations (e.g. this incredible mixing of map and satellite views or someone tracking the hotspots he was using with You’ll find much more at this tag »googlemaps«.

George Olsen offers a toolkit for creating personas points me to a helpful document (PDF): George Olsen has developed a persona toolkit, which can help you build detailed profiles of users, their relations to a product (e.g. a website), and the context in which they use a product. The toolkit is pretty extensive, but intended to be based on a pick-and-choose approach.George […]

Aaron Marcus on interaction design

Aaron Marcus interviewed by Sharon Poggenpohl: There are design documents which designers make, that convey wisdom and are part of transactions with colleagues from other disciplines, and users. We as designers must talk increasingly with and communicate with other professionals from other disciplines.” In this interview Aaron Marcus refers to his work on “LoCoS” a […]

Balancing visual and structural complexity in interaction design

Henrik Olsen: “For people with little experience in interaction design it’s tempting to equate visual simplicity with usability. But there is more between heaven and earth than meets the eye. The Q4 issue of GUUUI takes a look at some common pitfalls, where studies have proven that what appears to be simple isn’t always what […]