Creating and Consuming Web Services With PHP

Creating and Consuming Web Services With PHP: Find out how to create XML-RPC, SOAP and REST web services using PHP, the most popular scripting language for web applications. [via Der Schockwellenreiter]

SOAP in Python

Here is a good place to start learning about SOAP in Python (written by Mike Olson, Scott Archer and Uche Ogbuji). There are five Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 [via Daily Python-URL]

When Pythons Attack

Mark Lutz: In this article, I will chronicle some of the most common mistakes made by both new and veteran Python programmers, to help you avoid them in your own work. [via Zope Newbies>]

RSS-Aggregator with Twisted

Valentino Volonghi: This is a fully featured RSS aggregator with parsing included. It’s scalable to very high numbers of feeds and can be used in multi-client environment through web using Twisted with a little code on top of Nevow, or can easily be integrated inside every app which uses some of the toolkits supported by…… Continue reading RSS-Aggregator with Twisted

Enhancing HTML with CSS+JavaScript

John Ford does some interesting things on his website with CSS and JavaScript. Look at the “Show” feature on the left and the “Related” link in the top right corner (there is also a funny contact page).

Twisted based Weblog system

Alan Green works on a Twisted based weblog system (see here for Twisted). Besides Twisted he uses SQLite (and PySQLite) to store the data. In an earlier post Alan also explains the reasons for Twisted. There I found also a very interesting link to Ian Bicking’s Website Framework Shootout.


“I tried out PyObj-C last night. PyObjC is a language binding/module that lets you use Python with Cocoa – somewhat like how AppleScript Studio lets you use AppleScript to write your Cocoa program.Except PyObjC makes AppleScript Studio look like Apple took the worst bits of VisualBasic, layed a verbose language on top of it, and…… Continue reading PyObjC

New embed-Macro version

I just added support for Shockwave to the Manila embed() macro. Get it here as Stuffit or ZIP file.

Two new handy scripts for Frontier

I added two handy scripts for Frontier in the “Other Scripts” section on my development page: the first script globally changes an e-mail address in all Manila sites of a GDB. The second script exports Manila news items as MySQL dump.

Tcl/Tk Aqua

Tcl/Tk is now to be available for OS X Aqua. Very good. MacOS X gets more and more interesting for the old school UNIX developers. has an article by Michael J. Norton on that topic.

Embedding PHP in MySQL

myphp is an extension that allows MySQL to execute PHP code that is stored in the database tables.

How to Report Bugs Effectively

This is a long document explaining how to report a bug. The beef is in a bullet list at the end, but it’s worth reading anyway.


The Design By Numbers project from John Maeda seems to have a successor: Processing. »The Processing project was created to introduce a new audience to computer programming and to encourage the audience of hybrid artist/designer/programmers. It integrates a programming language, development environment, and teaching methodology into a unified structure for learning.« Unfortunatly it seesm to…… Continue reading Processing

Beginning AppleScript Studio

Cocoa Dev Central: »“I’ll walk you through some of the steps I’ve gone through to develop my current project: RemoteTunes. The application, when it’s done, will allow you to control iTunes on a remote computer. For now, let’s just let it control a local copy.”« []

Flash Remoting for PHP

»Flash remoting for PHP enables objects in PHP to become objects in actionscript, almost magically! AMF-PHP takes care of all the data-type conversions, serialization, and other client-server details. This provides a great way of connecting rich media clients with data and logic living on the server. While at the same time allowing designers to design…… Continue reading Flash Remoting for PHP

Flash managable Tree Browser

This seems to be a very promising example of an editable outline in Flash. Does this thing read OPML? You can even move the headings around with the mouse.