Fans on Technorati? How could I have missed that…

I just noticed that there is a “fan”-feature on Technorati. It may be on for years but it never really drew my attention. I have four fans! Beside of Marian Steinbach (whom I know, “Hello!”) I see three other people that I do not know: Tom Roper who is a Information Resources Development Coordinator for […]

Yahoo 360 – born to die?

Shortly after the acquisition of Flickr by Yahoo! the latter company introduced a multi-feature invite-only blog/photo/whatever-sharing platform called “Yahoo 360”. The invitation-only concept worked well for Gmail – elitism marketing. Dave Winer has a spot on analysis of Yahoo 360: Everything about Yahoo 360 is for members only, and in the first few hours of […]

Follow up on Social Computing meeting

Kevin Shofield posts a follow-up of the social computing conference at Microsoft Research: There were many good parts, but my favorite was a breakout group on the second afternoon specifically focused on discussing priorities for the research agenda. The top six areas we came up with: The video recordings of the conference are said to […]

Social Computing symposium at Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research is doing a 70-people invitation-only symposium about social computing on Monday and Tuesday. Kevin Shofield is one of the organizers who runs an own weblog. He writes: “We really wanted to have the symposium webcast live on the Internet, but because we’re holding it at a ‘non-traditional’ facility, we couldn’t make that work. […]

Defining social software

Tom Coates on defining social software (jumping off from Doug Englebart’s ideas of software as human augmentation): Social software is a particular sub-class of software-prosthesis that concerns itself with the augmentation of human social and / or collaborative abilities through structured mediation. His brief introduction sparked an interesting conversation in the comments section of that […]