Design education reconsidered

Colleen Taugher is speaking out what many (me too) are propagating for a long time now:

It is clear that the most exciting design professionals work in complex, multi-disciplinary, dispersed teams in order to develop innovative solutions to some of modern life’s slipperiest problems. While design students will still need some old-school training in basic visual communication and in the “what” and “how” of their discipline, they clearly need a new set of skills. Knowing when “the red is really working with the blue” is no longer going to cut it. Can you facilitate multi-disciplinary teams so that no one gets into turf wars and everyone understands what is going on? Can you work in a dispersed environment? Can you push your team to come up with innovative solutions to abstract problems? Can you understand the problem from multiple perspectives (technical, business, social, communicative)? How do you teach these leadership skills to students?






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