Ethan Eismann @ BlogTalk

Ethan is talking about the UC Berkeley Intellectual Property Weblog. He is ginving some thoughts to topic weblogs. Authors of topic weblogs explore the topic more deeply and attract other people interested in the same topic.

Somehow the course weblogs we do at the Aachen University of Applied Science are all topic weblogs.

The “problem” I currently have with the notion of »topic weblogs«: Sometimes there are topics not clearly defined, with blurry edges, experts that even do not know that they would be considered an expert to that weblog. Would they find that weblog? Would they actually search? Would they be attracted?

But I can’t come up with a better name right now myself…

Ethan provides some “best practices” for a WKC his research has found:

  1. Determine your topic. “Write what you love.”
  2. Determine your blog team’s size.
  3. Analyze your audience
  4. Determine your infrastructure
  5. Decide on your mission
  6. Define categories
  7. Voice
  8. Decide on an information architecture
  9. Link!
  10. Participate






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