Flickr/Ajax application with Ruby on Rails

If there is one word, that could describe what happens in the Ruby on Rails context then it is »elegance«. Just click on the image below to see an elegant screencast of an elegant development framework (Ruby on Rails) with an elegant text editor (TextMate) using an elegant JavaScript technology (AJAX) on an elegant service API of an elegant web application (Flickr):

Image of a Flickr tag search form with found pictures

It took me longer to write this blog post than it took to create this Flickr application shown above (well, at least for the guy doing that demo). I’d like to see a demo of a similar applications that is as much fun to watch from the J2EE or PHP crowd.

There are more screencasts here.

By the way:

If you wonder how the fancy shorthanded MacOS X editor (TextMate) works that is used in so many of these demos – there is an RSS feed with links to screencasts about TextMate as well.






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