Frontier Kernel Open Source Release

Finally Frontier has been released as open source package:

This is a fresh start for the Frontier kernel, the technology under Manila and Radio UserLand, and in the future, possibly many more useful system and network applications. We’re releasing the code under the GPL, the rationale for this is explained in the FAQ and in the audio blog post I recorded about this event.

There is also a mailing list, a download page and a FAQ.

Frontier is a marvelous concept for a scripting application because everything is integrated in one application: scripts, database, GUI. It is perfectly suited for experimentation and it contains a very easy to learn scripting language (here is another documentation). And because it is open source now it may resurrect the interest of creative developers to enhance the system on a very low level.

If you are curious you could read the “Golden Rules for Frontier and Radio Userland” piece from March 2001. (You need to skip the Parts about Manila. Also mainResponder.root is not yet available – so the web server is there – but there is no logic yet that processes an HTTP request).

Potentially a future version of Frontier will make it possible to develop with scripting languages inside this application.term






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