Gizmo here – Skype gone

On Sunday I decided to switch my DSL provider. After I entered their online form, I recieved their confirmation on Monday. On Wednesday morning I got their package with a brand new DSL/WLAN modem/router and all login data required. Setting it up was a snap. Everything worked out of the box. I also recieved Internet telephone numbers, so that I can call VoIP (e.g. SIP phones) from my standard phone.

After all: That was very quick serivce. Well done.

The whole switch (and some discussion with a knowledged friend) also provided me with some insight about why I should prefer Gizmo Project above Skype. Gizmo is a real software phone supporting the SIP standard that is allowing me to call other SIP phones (see here). In fact I can call my home phone over the net without a using gateway at all because my home phone is in fact a SIP phone now. Skype is proprietary, requiring me to pay any call to peers that are not other skype users. Skype does not call SIP phones. I don’t want to pay for a point-to-point internet voice streaming and Skype wants me to pay for it. But I have paid for the traffic with my flat rate already. Welcome Gizmo! Bye bye Skype.






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