black android smartphone on table

Greedy Apple is not interested in a good customer experience

As Tim Cook has told the investors and shareholders: Repairable devices reduce sales of new devices and that is holding down revenue in a saturated market. So this parts pairing scam that Apple uses to prevent anyone to replace parts in a broken device is a way to force customers to buy new hardware instead of keeping good hardware functional through repairs.

C’mon on, Apple! You can do better!

This is lousy. This is greedy. This is costly for consumers. And it is ecologically very bad (unless Apple recycles 100% of the old Apple devices, which they do not by far). With this “strategy” the environmental plans of Apple are just meaningless greenwashing.

This should be stopped. Obviously the market does NOT get this right all by itself. This has to be regulated effectively. There should be a tax on devices that are hard to repair.

black android smartphone on table
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