Groovy hen & egg

Groove Networks released version 3.0 of its application suite. Unfortunatly it only runs on Windows. Concerning the Mac version their FAQ says

Right now, the vast majority of our customer and prospect base is Windows based.

No wonder. When there is no version for Mac available there will be no Mac customers. But the issue is not to have a Mac version or not. The issue is that Groove is depending on an OS platform. But a collaboration system that’s supposed to feature a “easy invitation” the OS dependence is a show stopper. I can’t risk to use Groove even I would run on Windows myself. And I can’t imagine anyone in charge for e-learning initiatives at a university seriously could demand everybody to buy and work on a PC because of Groove.

In other words: Even if 95% of my university runs on PC, Groove would not be able to take advantage of that 90% because it would require university officials to bail out 5% of the university members. So Groove Networks decision not to address these 5% of the user base will result in a 100% loss. Unless they comit to an OS-independent suite it is pretty much a dead platform in education.






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