How long does it take for a weblog to become inactive?

Several weeks now without any update here. Why? Well, too many reasons to list here. I was too busy on the one hand – on the other hand I did not want to blog just to remain »active«. I know I ignored one the »post early, post often« rule for running a successful blog. I was still posting here there in some of the seminar weblogs I maintain and I am still reading RSS feeds. So I wasn’t dropping out of blogging at all.

Another reason is that I want my personal blog become more a commentary blog with more thinking going into the content – not so much a filtering blog which just collects cool links. That I am doing with – so no need to do it here… (BTW: if you are using you have to see the direc.tor!)

Finally there are so many threads to follow currently, that I need some time to think about them. That’s probably one of the privileges as professor: there is a lot of noise around you all the time. This is rewarding – but also stressing.






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