JournURL: More BBS/Blog Fusion

»Another entry in the fusion of the BBS and Blog patterns, JournURL, an attempt to create a CCMS (that’d be Community Content Management System to you and me.) The focus here is improving on the model of simple comments for supporting real discussions in weblogs: “Robust threaded and linear discussion that encourages extended conversations and debate. No simplistic comment system here, folks. No anonymous spam.”«

As I’ve said in the past, blog comment systems generally suck. They’re fine for “me too” responses and the occasional one-liner, but they quickly show their limitations when put to the task of managing large, intense discussions. … Meanwhile, here I am, sitting on what is probably the most robust, blog-friendly discussion app anywhere, and all of those people out there using Movable Type and similar apps can’t take advantage of it. … I’ve decided to see what I can do to make this thing more useful to people using “foreign” blogging apps. Enter ping2talk. …

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