Katrina & the end of oil

Michael Ruppert on August 28th:

Katrina’s landfall on August 29, 2005 may well be remembered as the beginning of the collapse of the American Empire. It could also be remembered by future generations as the day that Mother Earth declared full-scale war on the human race.

And in a later article:

What is not being discussed rationally by the mainstream media is Katrina’s impact on energy production. They don’t dare. By my calculations and those of oil energy expert Jan Lundberg, the United States has just lost between 20% and 25% of its energy supply. My projection is that it’s not coming back — at least not most of it.

In other words: Katrinas could be the historic event that marks the beginning of a world wide production drop below the demand. What will happen if this fact becomes evident? There are many grim prospects. Here is one by Jan Lundberg from earlier this year:

The trucks will no longer pull into Wal-Mart. Or Safeway or other food stores. The freighters bringing packaged techno-toys and whatnot from China will have no fuel. There will be fuel in many places, but hoarding and uncertainty will trigger outages, violence and chaos. For only a short time will the police and military be able to maintain order, if at all.

A good resource about the news coverage is the Energy Bulletin. It also has a very good peak oil primer.






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