Lots of chatter going on about if the military strategy of the “house of cards” turns out to be right or wrong. What was wrong are the armchair so called “security advisors” that still don’t get why the »Ministery of Defense« is not called »Ministery of Offense«. Here is what Richard Perle said not too long ago:

As Perle told US News & World Report: “The Iraqi opposition is kind of like an MRE [meals ready to eat, a freeze-dried Army field ration]. The ingredients are there and you just have to add water, in this case U.S. support.” Testifying before Congress in 2000, Perle insisted, “We need not send substantial ground forces into Iraq when patriotic Iraqis are willing to fight to liberate their country.” Last year, he conceded that the US troop requirement might go as high as 40,000.

The problem with the current war is that any outcome is a bad one. No one can win. I have not heard of a political advisor in the White House that is a distinct expert in Middle East culture or has worked or lived there for a while. I think it is not the Iraqis that will primarily recieve freedom. That ‘freedom’ may release the hidden agendas of the ethnic minorities that have been surpressed over decades and potentially these agendas may not be about democracy at all. And whatever time it may take to defeat Saddam Hussein: the world has become a less safer place already.






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