Need more time for work? Sleep less!

Interestingly there is a whole armada of things keeping us under pressure: you got to be more productive, faster, better organized, and so on. The computer has not only enhanced our productivity: ubiquitous computing also means there will be no excuse to be unproductive (except when you »deserved« a break)?

There are already many people working almost round the hour – from early morning when they wake up to late night when they fall asleep. For those there is now »aid« available:

Glen Rhodes explains how to reduce the daily amount of sleep needed to 4.5 hours:

Typically, I sleep 3 hours a night, and nap for 90 minutes in the evening. That’s a total of 4.5 hours, and I am always alert, always awake and always feel rested and refreshed.

Update: There is a Wikipedia page about »polyphasic sleep«.

Hooray! I’d like to quote Alex Albrecht from »We live in desperate times, Dude!«.






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