News coverage in US flawed?

»Most people, though, get their news from TV — and there the difference is immense. The coverage of Saturday’s antiwar rallies was a reminder of the extent to which U.S. cable news, in particular, seems to be reporting about a different planet than the one covered by foreign media.
What would someone watching cable news have seen? On Saturday, news anchors on Fox described the demonstrators in New York as “the usual protesters” or “serial protesters.” CNN wasn’t quite so dismissive, but on Sunday morning the headline on the network’s Web site read “Antiwar rallies delight Iraq,” and the accompanying picture showed marchers in Baghdad, not London or New York.«

That’s a deja-vu. I wouldn’t say news media in US are biased – but they just seem to be accurate while in fact they are a desaster from a journalist perspective. This should bother everyone.

I observed this when I was trapped in New York after 9/11:

»Almost all US news channels I saw were stunningly superficial, manipulative, out-of-context presentation of news, full of unverified facts, shortening essential details in a unsustainbable manner.
The problem is not obvious. I do not want to suggest active disinformation. It is more about subtext, what is left out, what is considered important and what not, how things are contextualized and backed up with sources.«






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