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I just came across the NextD site – an organisation located in New York – with some interesting interviews – the latest with Richard Saul Wurman.

NextDesign Leadership Institute was created as an experiment in innovation acceleration. We wondered if it might be possible for a small team of practicing designers to help speed the rate of adaptation, by graduate design education, to the radical events unfolding at the leading edge of the marketplace, that are impacting design leadership today. We optimistically guessed that it might be possible and if it wasn’t, finding out seemed like interesting research! To undertake that experiment, we created the NextD initiative and the NextDesign Leadership Institute.

In the »mindscape« section they offer some introduction about what has changed for designers in the 21st century. The Flash slideshow resonates a lot of things that inspired me to compare the “classic” and the “novel” way in design education two days ago. Most documents have been created by GK VanPatter (e.g. a comment about PhD education in design: »What matters?«). He has been recently interviewed by Peter J. Bogaards.






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