No one reads what you write?

Dave Winer in this interview makes some comments about his online writing style. His weblog is less a collection of posts, but rather collection of paragraphs per day with. Sometimes he uses headlines to separate content. But generally it seems to be true that people skim blog pages a lot.

With Tinderbox it is quite easy to shape the style of a homepage. You can add some fields here and include some if/else-statements in the templates there. I wonder if I can find the time to come up with a design that is as easy and “skimmable” as possible.

The first thing I’d do is to not include the full posts on the homepage all the time. Sometimes there will just be an tiny teaser with a link to the full posting at its permanent URL. Of course I need to come up with some design tweaks for this yet. It’s a work in progress….






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