When I was in New York on 9/11/2001 I was stunned by the news program FoxNews. US people know that program: I didn’t at that time. The only US program we see here is CNN Europe (which is very different from the US as I learned that time).

Now it seems (some) Americans start to acutally learn what media are needed for and that making “good profit” in broadcasting doens’t mean having “good journalism”.

What I get from the Outfoxed DVD is, that there is definitively a problem with the news media in the US if the claims of these “journalists” are news to anyone.

I had a chance to see Farenheit 9/11. Most of the story was no news to me: there wasn’t so much possibilities left how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. I got some details that I didn’t have the chance to see or hear about (like the soldiers talking about what kind of music they put on their communication system during battle). But it is clear that Michael Moore is manipulative as well. So Moore is on the side of those saying “I’d rather be manipulative for the sake of good instead of giving the cake away without a fight to the bad guys!”. So he is trying to fight fire with fire? It really depends on if he can solidify the claims.

Yesterday Moore has published some web pages that try to back up the facts he claimed in the movie. It is extremely important for him to do this. It is OK for him to be happy about the success of his film, but I don’t think it is wise to claim victory already. But if the repubilcans decide to disqualify Moore instead of his claims they will just help his cause.

And by the way: Michael Moore started to run a weblog.






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