Chris Langreiter releases 3flex – a mind mapping tool similar to Tinderbox. It is based on Rebol.

G4 noise

Apple users are bothered with the noise of the new G4 desktops (five fans scream at a noise of 63 dB at you). They created a website to push Apple to reduce noise in their machines.

Momento Mori – Death and Photography in Nineteenth Century America

Memento mori photography exhibition: »A memento mori is a form of image that urged a European person of the late Middle Ages to “remember thy death.” To do this, a memento mori might represent death as a human skeleton — perhaps as the Grim Reaper gathering his harvest — or it might depict human bodies…… Continue reading Momento Mori – Death and Photography in Nineteenth Century America


I really wonder who bought this town in California for 1,7 million dollar at eBay.

Microsoft buying Macromedia?

According to the Register, Microsoft is lining up to buy Macromedia. Dave Winer thinks that it’s Flash they want. That would really be a push back.

Changed to news items

I decided to change this site to a news items site for a while. I’m going to test NetNewsWire Pro to add comments. I use NetNewsWire to track news and the new version includes a weblog editor that allows me to directly post without using the browser or Radio Userland.


EspressoBlog is an application for Mac OS X 10.2 »Jaguar« (there is no Windows version, and will not be one) written in Cocoa (Screen Shots). It allows a user to post to a Movable Type-powered weblog from the comfort and convenience of their Mac. Theoretically, it would also work for those who use Blogger, but…… Continue reading EspressoBlog

New Amazon Patents on Content Personalization

Slashdot: “Defending its decision to concoct recommendations to steer customers to buy items at Amazon’s new Apparel Store, a spokeswoman said Amazon “felt it would be evident to people that since the store was so new, we wouldn’t have the transaction history to create database similarities.” But in this just-published patent applicaton, Amazon earlier told…… Continue reading New Amazon Patents on Content Personalization

Bochs PC-Emulator

Version 2.0 now available: “Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software package that emulates enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run Windows, Linux, *BSD, Minix, and other OS’s, all on your workstation.” […] “Macintosh users will be happy to find binaries for MacOSX and MacOS9. Also we now support…… Continue reading Bochs PC-Emulator

Blogging goes Mainstream

Cynthia L. Webb (Washington Post): “Blogs, or online Web logs of news and views, were the hot story of 2002, the year when blogging caught the eye of the mainstream press in a big way and pundits began to recognize blogs as useful tools for everything from venting about politics to raving about a favorite…… Continue reading Blogging goes Mainstream

Spam Conference

“Interested in spam filters? Come join us in Cambridge in January at the first conference on spam filtering. Speakers at the conference will include many of the leading spam filter developers.”

GUI Scripting

I wonder what fancy things people will do with the GUI scripting in AppleScript.

Free CMS fest

There is another effect deriving from the weblogging trend: free content management systems. This month the weblogging tool pMachine will be released. A while ago Movabletype appeared. Bricolage seems also to be a very interesting alternative – free as well.

Manila Blogger Bridge

Radio Userland 8.0 now supports mirroring to a Manila site again. Good! This was missing in the initial release! Actually this post was done with that feature!

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