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  • PostgreSQL on MacOS X

    Apple Internet Developer Site: In this article, we show you how to install and configure PostgreSQL on Mac OS X, and then how to use it with Perl, Java, and PHP. Finally, we demonstrate how you can use the web-based phpPgAdmin to administer your databases.

  • Blogs refine enterprise focus

    InfoWorld: “Building on the success of Weblogs for personal Web publishing, enterprises are starting to tap into blogs to streamline specific business processes such as intelligence gathering or to augment traditional content-and knowledge-management technologies.”

  • Discourse Systems

    “Discourse Systems is a newsletter and directory of resources about computer-supported consensus building, conflict resolution and decision-making, using Internet groupware, knowledge-based systems and process models of argumentation, deliberation and negotiation. We focus on e-democracy and e-governance applications, for all phases of the policy-making life cycle: agenda setting, analysis, policy creation, implementation (including electronic service delivery),…

  • DV Backup 0.2

    DV Backup allows you to use your digital camcorder to backup hard disk data. Just select the archive (made by e.g. Stuffit, Disk Copy etc) and DV Backup does the rest. Capacity is 5GB per hour of DV tape (10GB if no error recovery is needed).

  • There

    There seems to be what or ActiveWorlds (formerly »Alphaworld«) always meant to be. I was once asked to do a concept for a similar project called Nikoworld. The company hired 80 people that were working on 3D enviroments and high-end machines – no concept. To deliver a concept I asked to set up my…

  • UI Browser Preview and MacOS X GUI Scripting

    “Enter GUI scripting. The release of OS X 10.2 brought an advance in AppleScript civilization which I’m not sure most of us were prepared for.” [Studio Log]

  • X11 hints collection

    I was looking for this: A X11 hints collection when replacing XDarwin with the official distribution. (via Ranchero)

  • Scientific Visualization and Information Architecture

    John P. Boyd: Lecture notes, typeset in Latex, which will be passed out in chapters. Chapters will also be available as links from this homepage to Adobe .pdf files.

  • German OS X development forum

    And the German OS X development forum moves again, this time to its own domain. [Marek’s Weblog]

  • mod_rendezvous

    “After downloading Safari today, I was a little surprised to find that the version of Apache which Apple distributes in OS X 10.2.3 does NOT yet support Rendezvous, therefore NO web servers were visible under the Rendezvous section of Bookmarks under Safari. So… I decided to solve that.mod_rendezvous ADDS RENDEZVOUS SUPPORT to the Apache 1.3.x…

  • Using HTML wireframes and prototypes

    “Julie Stanford has written an excellent article on using HTML for wireframes and prototypes. In it, she clearly sells the benefits of this approach, and addresses some of the common concerns.” (via schockwellenreiter)

  • ‘Gadget printer’ promises industrial revolution

    “The idea of printing a light bulb may seem bizarre, but US engineers are now developing an ink-jet printing technology to do just that. The research at the University of California in Berkeley will allow fully assembled electric and electronic gadgets to be printed in one go.”

  • Critical Safari bug?

    This german Mac site claims to have reports of Mac users that lost their complete home directory when using Safari for downloading files from the Internet. I haven’t seen this bug while using Safari, but if that report is true this would really be »keynote stopper« regarding the fact that +300.000 users have downloaded Safari…

  • ‘Special Ops’ gets OK to initiate its own missions — The Washington Times

    Washington Times: “Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld announced yesterday he has given new power to the nation’s covert warriors to kill and capture al Qaeda operatives and other terrorists.” I think there have been very good reasons to control the work of special ops units in the past. I don’t think that has changed much.

  • Switcher

    John Robb, COO of Userland, and Eliotte Rusty Harold, the Java and XML authority, are notable converts to Mac OS X today. (via Marek’s Weblog)

  • 3flex

    Chris Langreiter releases 3flex – a mind mapping tool similar to Tinderbox. It is based on Rebol.

  • Instant Messaging in the Workplace

    Ellen Isaacs, Alan Walendowski, Steve Whittaker, Diane J. Schiano & Candace Kamm about the character, functions, and styles of Instant Messaging in the workplace: We found evidence of two distinct styles of use. Heavy IM users and frequent IM partners mainly used it to work together: to discuss a broad range of topics via many…

  • Apple going to charge for iApps?

    This cNet article claims to have sources saying Apple is going to charge for its free iApps and/or iApp upgrades. This potentially will encourage developers to come up with cheaper alternatives, but I think the free iApps was one of the striking arguments for PC users to switch to Mac. In the end developers AND…

  • G4 noise

    Apple users are bothered with the noise of the new G4 desktops (five fans scream at a noise of 63 dB at you). They created a website to push Apple to reduce noise in their machines.

  • Momento Mori – Death and Photography in Nineteenth Century America

    Memento mori photography exhibition: »A memento mori is a form of image that urged a European person of the late Middle Ages to “remember thy death.” To do this, a memento mori might represent death as a human skeleton — perhaps as the Grim Reaper gathering his harvest — or it might depict human bodies…

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