Progress on site

I have been playing around with Tinderbox to manage this site for quite some time now. I am bumping into a homemade problem from time to time: I am publishing to a ZOPE server — the pages are stored as Zope Page Templates. While this gives me a lot of options (that I do not use yet), it can also break things if the HTML code generated by Tinderbox is not 100% valid.

Things I have acomplished so far:

  • background synchronisation and one-key saving & updating of this site
  • Posting via AppleScript from NetNewsWire to Tinderbox (requires target window to be frontmost, does not beautify the HTML yet)
  • context sensitive column on the right via user attribute
  • category pages and usable permanent URLs

What is still ahead is the import of all the old posts. I also need to add a bunch of articles (and I’d like to translate some others).






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