Redesign started

I just finished the first steps of redesigning this site in Tinderbox. There is a huge amount of things to look for. Many things need to be done in a particular way in Tinderbox. This does not necessarily mean it is harder than other tools – most of the time it is just different.

Another thing is: I do publish to a Zope server. So there is much under the hood that I can (and will) use together with Tinderbox. Zope will kick in everytime I need server-side functionality. But I am not yet there. First of all I have to get the templates straight and deal with a couple of open issues. It is not easy to do: Tempaltes there, content there, cascades of variables and parameters – this thing can get pretty complex very soon.

I jotted down some observations (and feature ideas).

Just a note: Someone used Tinderbox with XSL






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