Return from Hamburg

I am in the train back to Cologne. I am thinking about, what I was seeing and hearing the last two days at the Campus Innovation conference. The conference theme was trying to bring educatiors and administration closer together in context of e-Education. Talking about the different sessions would make this a very long post. I’ll skip that. I just want to state that I got the impression that politicians and university administrators try to turn higher education in some kind of electronic commerce. »Education = content delivery«? No wonder faculty and university administrators are like oil and water: you need to steadily stirr them to keep them together.

Yesterday I had dinner with Marco Kalz from FU Hagen and three other people. They were attending another conference in Hamburg. They were “Wiki people” giving presentations of how to use Wikis in e-Learning. One guy was from Switzerland (I didn’t get his name right first). We were debating the issues of structuring content in Wikis over some beers when I said I know a brilliant example of structured content for almost 10 years and he should have a look at that: Biblionetz by Beat Döbeli. He started to laugh and Marco said: »Oliver, you’re just talking to him!!«.

Even while I was the idiot here, it was kind of a nice way to meet someone.

(BTW the other two were Helmut Leitner and Anja Ebersbach)






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