I had a brief look at study.log. It is a personal information manager (developed with Macromedia Director). It is generally a very interesting concept. But the implementation has issues: there are show stopper bugs, it is very slow you can’t drag & drop objects from the OS layer into the application. Director possibly is not the right way to develop this kind of application.

Thinking about extending the standard GUI with some functionality seems to me a much more promising approach to achieve the goals defined within study.log. And there is a design concept for this already: »Feed me« by Katharina Birkenbach

Generally it is a good question if the visual layer that tools like study.log provide are really helping the user or if they are just visual clutter of limited use. Haystack is another project that is supposed to be a “universal information client”. But Haystack is may be too formal for users need an informal level for creative thinking.






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