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  • The business value of Design

    The business value of Design

    Business leaders who focus on their balance sheets are likely to overlook the potential value that a good design team can bring to the overall performance and value of a company. In other words: The business value of design is not just its ability to generate direct revenue, but its potential to improve almost every…

  • Let’s play Bailout

    It seems US government is denying its responsibility for the financial crash — and even trying to get away with new mistakes by pushing congress to agree on a plan that is hardly removing the source of the problem.

  • The iPhone principle

    Yesterday Apple introduced the new iPhone. It features a very precise touch screen and some other sensors. On the first look it may only seem like a fancy phone that manages to get rid of buttons and integrate features of an iPod. But I think it is much more than that. I believe Apple has…

  • Former Microsoft employee switched

    Here is a little story of a former Microsoft employee that switched to MacOS X: I worked for Microsoft for eight years. I’m a long time Windows loyalist. […] Now that I can see them side by side, it’s obvious that the Macintosh provides a brighter display experience than the PC. It’s a more aesthetically…