Tag: conspiracy

  • NSA wiretaps like crazy?

    Former NSA analysr Russel Tice talks publicly about the wiretapping of the National Security Agency. Obviously the NSA patched into backbones of national telecommunication providers and scanned ALL communications. Complete organisations had their communication secretly copied and backed up for investigative purposes. See yourself: Update: There is a second interview with Mr. Tice the day…

  • The corrupt banking system: Money as dept

    Simple introduction monetarian theory. See Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

  • WMD remix

    Isn’t that amazing that this clip about the Bush administration lying about weapons of mass destruction needs to be compiled by someone and uploaded to YouTube instead of the professional journalists went for this one?

  • Freedom to facism

    This blog is about Interfacedesign. But these days it is important to see political implications of anything. So I have a post about a movie done by Aaron Russo.