Seminar »Redesign FH Aachen Website«

Winter semester 2009/2010
Aachen University of Applied Sciences
12 Weeks (with 12-18 hrs/week)


This project seminar developed a new website design for – based on a recent redesign of the Corporate Design. The site is constructed out of nearly 8.000 pages and the goal of the redesign was to also improve the structure and usability.


Participants were introduced in common IA design methods and practices such as: Benchmarking, Content Inventory, Site Formula, Personas, Site Structure Maps, Mental Models, Use Cases, Scenarios, Reference Zones, Wireframes, Wireflows, etc.



The participants developed different design approaches. The number of designs was narrowed down to three candidates from which a final design was picked for realization (estimated relaunch in winter 2010).



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