The future of computing

I am currently busy to finish a presentation about the future of computing. I am going to present at the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt on Thursday, 7 p.m.

If you have heard of a interesting technology, a future vision or application concept – please consider adding this to the Wiki here.


Someone anonymously added some text to the Wiki page saying that the items listed are nothing more than advances in material science and that “true” future lies in applications. I think the implication of that comment is that without good applications there is not much use of the advances in technology.

Well, agreed, but as with many issues the problem is twofold: sometimes it is the technology that spawns creativity for application design – sometimes it is an application idea that pushes the technology. Most of the technologies listed are researched with certain applications in mind. The “uncharted terrain” of applications is something that follows: developers and designers rethink the technology over and over again – sometimes creating a new perspective for further advancing a technology – sometimes inventing new services and products by mere re-combination of the available parts and software.

So I think it is not quite correct to say that “future of computing” is not depending on innovation in the hardware domain. From what I have learned so far, we are just in front of a wave of appliances that are driven by technology. And thus these are not just advances in material science.






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