The humanism of media ecology

Neil Postman – Media Ecology Association:

“As far as I can tell, the new media have made us into a nation of information junkies; that is to say, our 170-year efforts have turned information into a form of garbage. My own answer to the question concerning access to information is that, at least for now, the speed, volume, and variety of available information serve as a distraction and a moral deficit; we are deluded into thinking that the serious social problems of our time would be solved if only we had more information, and still more information.”

[via InfoDesign: To Surf The Community]

Isn’t that irony that Neil Postman’s messages are blogged here and displayed on web pages and books sold by Amazon? There’s is a hidden truth in this.

Neil Postman sounds as if he is suggesting a new abstinence. But what I think he is suggesting is not less information, but more good information.

It somehow indirectly reminds me of of Andrius Kulikauskas calling on the BlogTalk 1.0 conference: “I don’t need news! I need initiatives! When I have selected an initiative, then I need news! So what are we undertaking?”.






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