The political implication of YouTube

YouTube allows people to make visible the failure of politicians. The way they remain clueless and lie about their cluelessness afterwards. This is very important. But unfortunatly a revealing YouTube video may not get the publicity it should.

Look at this clip here for instance, where Barack Obama confronts John McCain with the fact, that his assumptions ahead of the Iraq war were dead wrong:

Here is another one showing a blunt lie from John McCain about wether or not her saw the financial crisis coming:

The problem with these clips is that — while fundamentally characterizing the deceptive nature of a candidate — they get lost in the stream of other news that are much less critical. And critical clips in itself immediatly attract criticism of being “biased” and “partisan”.

The first clip has only 6,301 views last day – the second only 11,628. Compared to other “hot clips” these are fairly low numbers on YouTube. It is fair to say that the impact of such clips is low unless they are made public by national broadcasters.





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