Tinderbox 2.4 released

Eastgate released Version 2.4.0 of their fabulous Tinderbox tool. A number of enhancments – most of them very interestig to advanced users. There has been quite some time since the first announcement of a Windows version of Tinderbox. I am sure the release is not too far ahead in future. Keep an eye on the Eastgate site if you are a Windows user and you’d like to use Tinderbox one day!

If Tinderbox is available for both platforms I am willing to use it in a course about “personal information management strategies”. The course has yet to be developed and I am hoping it is going to be a new kind of skill that can be tought as an introductory course that could prepare students to have a better grip at project management, conceptual brainstorming and knowledge work. I wonder if anybody has heard of such a course. I’d love to talk with people that have already some kind of experience with that.






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