TinderDo sample file

I have added a sample file for a ToDo list management with Tinderbox. It is basically implementing the description of “TinderDo” by Gordon Meyer. Unfortunatly he did not include a sample file to start directly. So I made one myself.

Screenshot of the TinderDo sample

You can add tasks (and nested tasks) in the ToDo container and after entering a due date these will be pulled out and colored to represent the urgency these tasks have.

I like my today’s tasks be the items due within the next three days, because I do not want to know which things I need to end today, but which things I need to start with today. All agents collect things ahead of time. You can easily change this to meet your needs.

You can download the Tinderbox file here.

Update: Added a README in the file and corrected some actions






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