Tools for Weblogs

If you’re running a weblog these tools might be interesting to you:

Blog Change Bot is a blog monitoring service which updates you via AOL Instant Messanger when a blog you are interested is updated. It is available with the screen name blogchangebot on AOL IM.
With BlogPlanet, updating your blog while you’re on the go is as easy as writing an SMS. It runs on your mobile and lets you write new blog entries, send them to your blog, edit them afterwards and delete them. On top of that, you can take pictures with the mobile’s built-in camera and include them in your posts.
It’s a kind of graffiti wall or message board for your blog.
Custom weblog designs for few bucks.
This service creats access logs for you formatted identically to those found of webservers for weblogs.
Instant Gratificataion
A service to send out alerts via AIM whenever someone reads a blog entry

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