U.S. not interested in peace?

Clearly even if you are promoting a US strike against Iraq, there should be one thing to consider: If the U.S. strikes without formal permission of the UN and without recognizing Iraqs effort to apply to the resolution 1441 – how will U.S. ever be able to solve any future conflict peacefully? If there is not advantage to apply to a UN resolution in future and U.S. ‘enemies’ would have to expect a strike even if there is will to give in, why should they wait until U.S. forces are properly set up for a deliberate attack?

If you have ‘evidence’ that a brute force attack on your country is inescapable, what would you do?

The Bush administration is busting the friendly ties with allies all over the world. There is a point when friends want to be heard. There is a “coalition of the willing” – but it could be a coalition of the ones willing to contain U.S. power.






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