We saved American life

Sometimes I accidentally surf to very strange pages that stick with me for a while. For instance here: The 2004 Veteran Manhatten Project & Symbosium which is an event organized by the “Children of the Manhatten Project“.

Reading the agenda felt like going through a ghost party program: a bunch of old men (or children of old men) celebrating their pride and their heroic involvment with the development of the atomic bomb.

The I noticed the site has an “Atomic Bomb General Store” that sells items like this. or this (to be printed on a t-shirt). I suggest to contemplate about these images while listening to this audio excerpt of J. R. Oppenheimer (commenting the witnessing of the first successful atomic bomb explosion).

The store also sells a “War on Terror” video for $5 dollars with this description:

This 50+ sec. video clip tells it all. This is the “War on Terror” video clip that you have heard so much about but can’t find. We used to have this video on our web site but found that it was too graphic for some people.

This video was recorded from an Apache gunship in Iraq. The video clip opens with 3 members of Al-Qaida attempting to rig an explosive device in an abandoned tractor sitting along a highway. These are the types of explosives that have been killing & wounding so many American soldiers recently. What the Al-Qaida terrorists don’t realize is that their every move is being recorded. You will hear the forward air controller giving the commands to the airman manning the 30mm cannon aboard the Apache helicopter. In each instance he tells the gunner to ‘take him out’. One by one the terrorists are sent to meet Allah in a hail of 30mm cannon shells. The video is taken at night using a night-vision lens. The audio is very clear and compelling. This is a video clip that you will want to share. This .avi video clip is 1.75MB in size.

This is stranger than fiction. So if you can’t believe this you may rather turn to someone who helps you with that.






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