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Seminar on »Slowness«

Here is a teaser for a seminar next semester: Read a more detailed (german) description here. Also: Overview about my teaching activities with links to other seminar weblogs.
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Information Design and the Monetary System

I am personally interested in how the lack of information or proper presentation of that information led to the current financial crisis. Obviously the information was available — but not well understood, not correctly aggregated or falsely interpreted by politicians that were responsible for phony policies and flawed legislations.
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Hobnox Evolution launched

Finally Hobnox has launched a »warm-up site«: The Hobnox Evolution. Creatives can suggest productions there and win several budgets totaling €75,000. I will return to regular non-Hobnox posts soon, promised!
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Feedburned my RSS feed

I have decided to publish my RSS feeds through Feedburner.
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Topical podcast day

If you are from Germany and you’re considering creating a podcast one day then maybe you should look out for Monday, 29th of August: there will be a podcast day about the german re-election in september. I just learned that some people have founded a Association of German Podcasters…
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Düsseldorf gets public MetroLAN

Today the city of Düsseldorf started the first public hotspots for wireless LAN access. THe hotspots are installed in public schools on top of the school network provided by Deutsche Telekom. Students, teachers and members of the city council have free access. Other users will have to pay a small fee.
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