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Tinderbox goes Universal

One of the tools I am using for years now is Tinderbox from Eastgate. I have used it for quite some time to write this weblog here (but swichted to WordPress + MarsEdit recently). Nevertheless I think Tinderbox is a helper in many ways – although there are always features that can be and will […]
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WMD remix

Isn’t that amazing that this clip about the Bush administration lying about weapons of mass destruction needs to be compiled by someone and uploaded to YouTube instead of the professional journalists went for this one? Related posts: Watching the Republican Presidential Candidate Race SwiftKey Flow Kids should learn programming! Qeexo detects different touch methods on […]
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Interviewing Web Developers has put together a nice compilation of questions for a job interview with web developers.
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Create screenshots with different browsers

There are a couple of web applications out there that allow to test a website in different browsers. I think that is a service the vendors of all theses browsers should pay for, but anyway: Free but you need to wait a long time to see results. German; Uses remote access, so you […]
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New Apple Tutorials

Apple has published some interactive tutorials for beginners: Mac OS X Basics, Printing in Mac OS X, Moving to Mac OS X, Fonts in Mac OS X. I can’t tell whether or not the topics are actually requiring such tutorials and they are didactically well done, but judging from the first look these tutorials seem […]
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Fast rollovers without preload

This tutorial by Petr Stanicek desceribes a technique to have graphical rollovers based on CSS without the need to preload images. This is also used in the Sliding Doors Part II tutorial on Related posts: Testing World Outliner
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Sliding doors of CSS

Just for the record: Douglas Bowman explains a CSS based technique to create graphical tabs from unordered lists. It is based on another article by Mark Newhouse: Taming Lists. Related posts: Fargo: Outliner for Bloggers! Testing World Outliner Watching the Republican Presidential Candidate Race
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Getting rid of Microsoft

Ton Zijlstra has made a decision. He wants to get rid of Microsoft. He created a new blog, Jettison, where he will try to document his path from Microsoft to Linux. [Der Schockwellenreiter] Related posts: OK. Reset!
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OmniGraffle GUI Design Palette

This is really cool: »This OmniGraffle palette can be used for general GUI design. I’ve tried to make it vanilla enough for platform independance although you can see some Mac OS X and Swing peeking out.« Related posts: Documentary »Hello World! Processing«
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